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Ben Yetman
Rough Draft
6.2 Impact of changes in science, technology, and medicine
The Fifties was a critical time period for the development of science, technology and medicine.   This was a time period during the cold war and was a great boost in technology, medicine, and science because of the competition between America and the Soviets.   In result of this rivalry between the two, the American nation had a boom of inventing.   America knew to become the dominant world power we had to over come the soviets in all three of these categories and that’s just what we did.
Towards the end of World War 2 America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan and changed the world drastically.   Coming into the 1950’s America had scientist develop a new atomic bomb, which is now called the “Hydrogen Bomb”.   Harry Truman announced that the United States would successfully create a hydrogen bomb.   On November 1ST 1952 the United States tested the first hydrogen bomb.   It was code-named “Mike” and detonated on the Marshall Islands.   The Hydrogen bomb was 700 times greater than the atomic bomb, which was drop on Japan.   It was 100 miles wide and 25 miles high, and left a gaping hole in the ground. It was a huge advantage for the untied states and 3 years later, the USSR tested their first hydrogen bomb.   America joined the Nuclear “Club” with the help of England.   After this successful advantage of science and technology, the Soviets and the US started the mass production of both Atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs during the late 1950’s.  
Medicine was huge during this time period and there were so many new cures and discoveries, which made the 1950’s such a crucial time.   In 1954, the cure to Polio, a disease that killed so many people, was cured.   To be exact it would kill over half a million people every year.   Jonas Salk created two vaccines to polio in 1952.   Years later in 1957, Albert Sabin created the vaccine we use to this day.   Thanks to this discovery, people in America...


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