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The Hammer of Crusher Is Linked with Parameters

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     The hammer life of the stone crusher is related with technical parameters, of which the most important is the power and speed of the rotor body of stone crusher. These two parameters is a direct reflection of the line speed and impact of stone crusher hammer, they are not only related to the production capacity of the stone crusher, also related to the degree of shock hardening of stone crusher hammer. The life of stone crusher hammer with good shock and hardening is bound to be prolonged.
     The rotor speed is too low, not only the production capacity is low, and kinetic energy is low, which results in poor hammer shock hardening, and poor wear resistance performance; rotor speed is too high, although it makes the hammer get better shock hardening, and equipment productivity is highly improved. But at the same time, it can also cause strongly wear of hammer, grate bars and liners, and also detrimental to the life of the stone crusher hammer, while there is a significant increase in power consumption.Therefore, we should determine a reasonable speed, in order to improve the degree of shock hardening stone crusher hammer work early, reducing the wear of the hammer head. The gap adjustment of stone crusher will help protect vulnerable parts. Here it mainly refers to the gap between the stone crusher rotor body and broken plates, and the gap between grate bars and feed roller, as well as stone crusher hammer head. The size of these gaps related to that if there is plot material in the grate bars and security doors.
     If there is plot material: stone crusher hammer can not plot material from the grate bars, it will receive serious friction. The gap is too small, and improve the crushing quality and efficiency of material, but it is easy to form the product material, clogging hammer wear; gap is too large, although the material pileup can be avoided, but the crushing effect and efficiency are low....


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