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System Improvements

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System Improvements
INF 630 – Systems Analysis

System Improvements
In my workplace as a Veteran’s Affairs (VA) contractor, we are currently experiencing major issues with the migration of email. It has become necessary to ensure that we are carefully following the right measures before email migration takes place or all of our emails become lost. Nevertheless, no emails are able to be sent or received at the moment because of the migration not being finished. A reason that email migration takes place in the first place is that our company’s email is ran by Google G-mail but a lot of employees are having to use it in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook.
System Improvements
The nature of the information system that I have selected is both External and Internal system users. Both are being addressed due to the fact that I have had some experience with both of them. The business’ employees for whom the majority of information systems are created are internal system users. For most businesses, these are the users that are the biggest ratio of users of information systems. The internal system users consist of managers (both executive and middle), service/clerical, and technical staff. “Clerical and service workers perform most of the day-to-day transaction processing in the average business (Bentley & Whitten, 2008, p. 9).” The clerical/service workers create the fundamental data as a function of their data processing as well as perform other job duties. “Technical and professional staff that consist of a largely of the business and industrial specialists who perform highly skilled and specialized work.   Supervisors, middle managers, and executive managers are the decision makers whom tend to focus on day-to-day problem solving and decision making.   The middle managers focus on the tactical operational problems and decision making.   Executive managers handle the strategic planning and decision making (Bentley & Whitten, 2008, p. 9).”
Our internal...


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