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Alternative Work Schedules

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Tiffany R. Vickers
Writing Assignment
Alternate Work Arrangements
BA420 Organizational Behavior
14 October 2012

This paper predominantly focuses on the questions outlined about alternate work arrangments, that are asked in Lesson 6 of BA420; Organizational Behavior.

Writing Assignment
Alternate Work Arrangements
1. Employees can benefit from alternative work arrangements in many ways.   Whether by telecommuting or flexible scheduling, this is always a big interest of people when they are job hunting. This allows the employees to have more family time and care for their children (like before and after school) and when they are sick. The employee can also use a “flex time” schedule to make appointments. If an employee has a shorter work week, or a day off during the week, they can take care of things without using personal time. This has the added benefit of allowing employees to save up leave time for vacations. This will also let them do less traveling back and forth to work, which in turn saves them money on gas. This is also a major perk since fuel prices always seem to be on the rise.  
Employers also can benefit from the alternative work arrangements in many ways. The employers tend to get and retain the better employees by offering alternative work arrangements. These types of arrangements will also cut down on tardiness and employees being absent for appointments. The employer can increase morale, which can encourage the employees to be more loyal to the company. It will also increase production and maximize the equipment and facilities usage.
2. The negative side of offering the alternative work arrangement is minimal compared to the benefits. The down side is the managers might not always be around their employees to monitor the progress. This can be an issue when it is time for evaluations. Some of the managers will still want to manage their employees in a more traditional way; the company will have to train them to accept &...


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