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What is happiness? Happiness: Quality or state of happy, happiness, contentment, success, success, luck.
There are many possibilities to define what happiness is, but all lead us to what is best. These possibilities are related to the needs and perspectives of each individual. For every person happiness has a special meaning, and to get to her must go to different paths according to each viewpoint. I like that definition says that happiness is a state of mind. It seems the closest to what we really feel when we are close to it. Happiness comes from within our body, and when we realize that we are happy, it eludes us so fleeting. There are rare moments in life when we realize that we are concerned for the happiness and enjoyed it. So that phrase so well known and talked the whole time, I was happy and did not know. And it's not silly, we really have no idea how happy we are right now. The measure of happiness is what we have in our life experience. What is the measure of happiness of a young man who was born during the war and since very little live in a concentration camp. Perhaps his happiest day is one in which was not tortured, or that could sleep a night. And he that was born in a splendid cradle... When is he actually able to feel happy?
In the Far East, there are some religious tendencies who believe that happiness can be achieved through mental training. If you do it right, be able to be happy, regardless of what is happening around you. I know several people who seek to do so, but it is very difficult, and honestly, I do not think they are happy, they are just trying to deceive and mislead the people who are around you, and when it appears, seems a tragedy.
Another religious current that comes from the east, says that overcome the force of desire is to be one step closer to happiness. That yes, a stream in which I firmly believe. We always rushed because of desires and wishes. Overcoming this force, if not happy, at least we no longer...


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