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The age limit to obtain a   license should be raised from sixteen to twenty. Do you agree?

    The rate of accidents in Malaysia is increasing drastically every year. Most of the victims of the accidents are motorcyclists and most of them are found to be teenagers. Statistics have proven that most of the motorcyclists in Malaysia are teenagers aged sixteen and above who are freshies. In accordance to this, I totally agree that the age limit to obtain a motorcycle license should be raised from sixteen to twenty. This particular issue is being discussed and debated over. Until now there have been no changes in the age limit of motorcyclists to obtain a license.
    I totally agree with that statement as these teenage motorcyclists are a disadvantage to us. One of the reason is their education is disturbed. A Malaysian student, aged sixteen is still schooling in Form Four, according to the Ministry of Education of. How are these motorcyclists going to concentrate in their studies when their focus is on riding the motorcycle? The age limit should be increased from sixteen to twenty so that the education of the students is not affected. As we know, nowadays students are not naive. They are bound to do anything. For example, a sixteen year old boy who already has a license is still studying in a secondary school. After school hours, he is supposed to stay at home and complete his homework and revision. But when the influence of the motorcycle is there, he is more likely to go around with the motorcycle and waste his time. Wouldn’t this affect his studies?
    Young license holders are also more likely to meet with accidents. Teenagers aged sixteen are still quite small in size and they are unable to handle a motorcycle and that is when accidents happen. When these motorcyclists lose control of their vehicle, they ram into another vehicle and cause injuries and fractures. The society is also harmed when these license holders are influenced by illegal racing. Many...


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