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Cry Of A Nation

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Cry, the Beloved Country Themes

In Cry, the Beloved Country, there are some good themes, my picks were, how Racism affects the way society works, another one is how people can pull together to help each other, not matter the circumstances. Another good one is how we care for a families when something terrible has happened. Another theme, is an example, of how we as people are able to accept the inevitable, and eventually move on with it. Another theme, is how looking at things in a different perspective, helps us realise why certain things happen.

The theme of how racism affects how society works is shown fairly well in this book, during Kumalo’s travel, he finds that the racism going on in the country is helping the white people, because they know if they don’t give the africans another option, they will have to work the unwanted jobs and as well, work them at low wages if they want to survive, that they will have to take what they are given, for example, when Kumalo goes to look for the servant of Arthur Jarvis’ wife, when Kumalo asks about the servant, the woman shows no interest in helping him, he tells him that the servant has moved, and that she doesn’t care where the servant has gone. Another example, is during the protest, the Police officers are trying ti decide whether or not they should shut it down, they are afraid that if they don’t it will lead to a rebellion and the the white people will lose their power, that is the source of the racism in the country, the white men that founded the city don’t want to lose it to the africans, because then they themselves will have to do unwanted jobs themselves, they will lose money because they will have to raise wages, and this makes them afraid of losing their power, so they just think lesser of the africans so they don’t have to deal with them, they use the racism as a mask.

Another theme is how we can come together no matter what the differences if   the problem affects all of us. A great example of...


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