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How Does Romeo's Response to Love Change Throughout the Play?

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How does Romeo’s response to love change throughout the book?
Throughout the play Romeo’s attitude changes largely, mainly towards love. He begins as a gloomier and less mature character that is confused and depressed about love. However this personality changes swiftly into a passionate adult who is so certain about love that he could eventually die for it. In this essay I will begin to discuss how Romeo as a character changes and grows throughout the play.
In Act 1 Scene 1, Romeo is confused and forlorn. We can tell his bewilderment of love through his use of oxymoron’s for example ‘cold fire’ or ‘sick health’ Earlier on Benvolio discusses Romeo’s state to his worried father, he talks about Romeo having a ‘troubled mind’. From the text we can infer that Romeo is feels alone and isolated and depressed about a love that is not being reciprocated, a much different type of love that the one he will discover later on. He seems to have a sort of teenage aura around him, ‘that love feel I, that feel no love in this.’-unhappy that he is not getting what he wants. From the quote we can see that Romeo is involved in a very egoistical type of love, there is never a mention of Rosaline, however just about him and what he is feeling. By this stage Romeo is feeling very sorry for himself, more on the selfish thoughts and he is grieving to Benvolio about this superficial love and that he is not gaining what he thought would be the perfect love/world. We can find this from when he says ‘why such is loves transgression..’. We can also see Romeo’s distress of his situation due to the fact that he becomes very metaphorical. For example he says ‘love is a smoke’ from this we can tell that Romeo thinks that love is like a fume, unsubstantial and it eventually disappears.
In Act 1 Scene 5-Zeforelli’s film, Romeo watches as both Rosaline and Juliet Dance. Zeforelli directs the film so that Rosaline’s dance is fast and loud and Juliet’s is slow however very calm and poised. This...


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