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Especially Important. Below We Introduce a Few Simple.

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And then further north temperatures may be lower. So good ball mill equipment insulation is especially important. Below we introduce a few simple.
    Ball mill is also to do well in the winter insulation work, do not think it the iron guy will be very resistant to cold, In fact, in the winter due to a significant reduction of the temperature, however, the ball mill the equipment temperature in the process of running high, so as the temperature and there is a big difference in temperature between devices, and a cold one hot, the impact on our equipment or if the operation is not appropriate, will cause great damage to our equipment, has brought huge economic losses to the enterprise.
    In the winter, a longer stop grinding time, should be installed in the main bearing outlet at the three-way cock to the drain position, the use of siphon action, the sphere tile string watercourse water excluded avoid aac plantDonglie spherical bush or bearing Block. Every 10 minutes after the stop grinding will grind half a rotation, is stopped in the opposite position as the original, until the grinding body sufficiently cooled to prevent deformation of the mill body.
    The sudden loss of power during operation, ball mill and ancillary equipment, motor power should be disconnected to prevent the accident occurred when the caller. Long-term stop grinding of the steel balls should be poured to avoid cylinder deformation and bending.
    Winter production should pay attention to the work of the the mill tail exhaust insulation, cooling water below the dew point,aac machinery there will be damage to the dust collector. Winter (northern) stop grinding more than 8 hours, the main bearing lubricant should be in the starting Kai machine to release heated to 20 ° C and then pouredLime Kiln into the bearing. Due to thermal expansion and contraction of factors, the main part of the ball mill screwball mill to pay attention to often be tightened. Prevent unexpected equipment during...


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