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Amending the Constitution

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Amending the Constitution
Birthright Citizenship Amendment – A proposal to amend the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to restrict the right of US citizenship that automatically comes with being born in the U.S.
The cons of changing the amendment are, one – creating a segregated society, two – creating more chaos in the immigration system, and three – causing panic and insecurity in the general population. “Creating a permanent subgroup of outcasts born in the U.S. who can never call it their country would weaken our nation’s social cohesion without addressing legitimate concerns posed by illegal immigration.” 1 The pros of changing the amendment are, one – clarifying who is eligible for naturalization, two – define a better policy for immigration, and three – outline citizenship that meet our founders standards but is modernized. “Nobody is talking about repealing the 14th Amendment, or taking away anyone’s citizenship.” 2
While my personal bias would like to amend the 14th amendment, my political compass dictates exactly the opposite. I believe the statement, “ If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” applies to this situation.
I believe it is unlikely for the 14th amendment to be ratified. There is too much controversy over this topic for congress to settle on an agreement. There is a clearly defined division of opinions, that even if the congress did agree one way or the other, there would be backlash from the public to either outcome; which would create chaos.

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