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Outline the origins, aims and membership of the secret society boxer

The origins, aims and membership of the secret society boxers was to destroy the Qing dynasty, the boxers were linked to an even larger society, people who are homeless, peasants and farmers.

The origins, aims and membership of the secret society boxers, originally called the society of righteous and harmonious fists,
Dates back to 1808 when they were linked to an even larger society called 'The white lotuses', they also have been linked to 'Big sword society' and the anti-Christian a group that had some of the same rituals to the boxers. The boxers involved local farmers/peasants and other workers who were made desperate by disastrous floods and widespread opium addiction. The boxers believed that with proper dieting, training, martial arts and prayer they could do amazing things such as flight. They claimed the many spirit soldiers would descend from the heavens and help them in purifying china of foreign influences. The boxers were only lightly armed with rifles and swords, claiming that supernatural invulnerability towards blows of cannons, rifle gunshots and knife attacks. The aims of the boxers were to destruct the dynasty and also the westerners who had a privileged position in china.

The boxers was linked to other larger society’s within china, they involved villages and peasants that have experienced disastrous floods and were homeless and their aims was to destruct the Chinese dynasty.

Describe the nature extent and impact of the rebellion

The nature extent and impact of the rebellion involved what caused the boxer rebellion, treaties formed throughout, traditions and the outcome of the boxer rebellion in china.

The boxer rebellion was caused by Britain and other nations such as France, Russia, and Japan, which started to interfere with Chinese government. Due to their inferior military, the Qing...


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