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Job-related stres

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The aim of this study is to explore the differences in job-related stress, if any, between public and private sector employees. It also examines the role of demographic variables on the stress levels of both public and private sector groups. Our methodology entails a survey of 50 public and 75 private sector employees in Gudalur Town. We also use secondary data provided by the literature review. The sample was collected through convenience sampling. The major limitation of this study is that it was conducted in Gudalur alone, while the work culture of organizations other than in Gudalur may be different.
Human   Resource   Management   is   an   art   of   managing   people   at   work   in   such   a manner   that   they   give   their   best   to   the   organization.   In   simple   word   human   resource   management   refers   to   the   quantitative   aspects   of   employees   working   in   an   organization. Human Resource Management is also a management function concerned with hiring, motivating, and maintains people in an organization. It focuses on people in organization. Organizations are not mere bricks, mortar, machineries or inventories. They are people. It is the who staff and manage organizations.
HRM involves the application of management functions and principles. The functions and principles are applied to acquisitioning, developing, maintain, and remunerating employees in organizations. Decisions relating to employees must be integrated. Decision on different aspect of employees must be consistent with other human resource decisions.   Decision made must influence the effectiveness of organization. Effectiveness of an organization must result in betterment of services to customers in the form of high-quality product supplied at reasonable costs.HRM function s is not confined to business establishment only. They are applicable to non-business organizations, too such as education, health care, recreation etc.  
The scope of HRM is indeed...


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