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World War 1 Propaganda Poster

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War World War 1 Propaganda Poster

The theme of my propaganda poster is to recruit more soldiers. The intended audience is males ages 15 to 25. That is the age group that is able to go to war. The message of this poster is in an American perspective. Since Germany randomly took down some cruise ships in New York, I decided to make this poem “mock” the Germans.
To make this poster look appealing, I coloured America with a solid green colour.   I also coloured the German ships a solid colour. The font is coloured black and it is BOLD so it stands out. To make everything pop out, I decided to shade the background so that it adds an “importance” effect.
I decided to use a scare tactic technique because I believe that it is the most effective. If people are scared that something bad might happen, they will do what you want them to. For example, there are always the commercials of people dying from heart strokes because they didn’t get enough exercise or they had bad eating habits. So they want you to go to the “Heart & Stroke Charity Walk”. Now, as a normal human being, I would be scared of my body condition so, I will go to the walk. I did the same thing in my poster. I drew the country of America, with German ships surrounding it. I have also marked the spots where the Germans are going to hit America. In big bold lettering, I have “They have eyes on us” “Join the Navy”. I believe that this is effective because the American people are going to be scared so they will want to protect their country because in general, Americans are very national.
So in my poster I used the tactics (attractive from a distance, writing is short yet effective and scare tactics) I believe that these are the most important three tactics if you want to catch peoples attention.


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