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Getting Good Grades Come with a Price

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Pressures have become one of the known factors that affect a student’s life. Anyone who passed through becoming a student has felt once in their lives the feeling of stressful demands with schoolwork and examinations. Every load felt, however, is tolerated because of the desire of students is to get excellent marks. Getting good grades has become one of the goals students today are aspiring for. It has been perceived that a good mark from school can place someone to a decent job and make that person stand out from others especially when it comes to interviews and conversations. With such belief, students neglect on the negative effects of the pressure they are encountering because they want to maintain high grades. The purpose of this essay is to expose the effects of pressure on students to get good grades; these are extreme stress, cheating and changing of the attitude.

All the stress experienced by a student from either parent or peer is considered one of the effects of pressure handed to them because of their want to have good grades. The effect of such pressure led to the negative health of students. As students try to put up with having good test scores, they tend to have lack of sleep. Without having enough sleep, the bodies of students become sick. The illness received can also lead to dangerous reactions of the body since it is a necessity for a person to have enough sleep since it is through this that the body gains energy and strength.

Another effect of pressure on students to get good grades is cheating. We have been aware of plagiarism being the cause of many violations done by students. This can either be for their research paper, thesis paper or just a simple homework. There are also incidents of cheating in examinations through copying of others’ answers and putting them on the test paper, recognizing them as one’s own. These sinful acts are the effects of the belief that good grades can send you off to better jobs and a more secured future....


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