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Breast cancer
This essay I will write about the possible uses of hypnosis in the treatment of breast cancer. Whilst showing an understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of the condition and the role that hypnosis might play
The reason why hypnotherapy can be relevant with cancer patients is because mind, body and spirit are interconnected and any treatment needs to take this into account. The advances in medical science have been due to greater understanding of how the body works and this has led to an emphasis on physical treatment radiotherapy, chemotherapy ect, but the mind has its part to play as well.
Hypnotherapy can therefore be used alongside the conventional medical treatment for cancer.
What can a hypnotherapist do to help somebody who has cancer? However the hypnotherapist will want to make it clear that he or she is not expected to cure a person of cancer by simply taking them into a hypnotic trance. That said, there is plenty of evidence that hypnotherapy can help people with cancer, even if it is only to improve their quality of life. Which I will show in this essay . Hypnotherapy helps clients have the tools to remain in control of their feelings, and able to manage better with the symptoms and treatments, helping them to remain positive. allowing them the ability to look at the cancer and the treatment in a different way.       Hypnotherapy can also help with sickness and pain, as well as releasing anxiety and stress that can be harmful to their recovery.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. About 46.000 women get breast cancer in the UK each year. Eight out of ten are over fifty, but younger women, and in rare cases men, can also get breast cancer.
Women’s breasts are made up of fat, connective tissue and thousands of tiny glands, known as lobules, which produce milk. If a women has a baby, the nipple has tiny tubes called ducts, which allow her to breastfeed.
Our bodies are made up of billions of tiny cells....


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