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The Origin of the Earth

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Origin of the Earth Theories

As we take a look around our environment what do we see ?   We see trees , flowers, water and animals.   There are many theories that were compiled by scientist about the origin of the earth. There are three main ones that will be discussed throughout this paper: first it arrived from an extraterrestrial source, it originated as a heterotrophy , or it originated as an autotrophy.
Many scientist believe that the earth originated from an extraterrestrial source. This means that life on Earth came from outside the Earth. Using available technology in the scientists discovered traces of life in the dust in the universe between the stars.   In the early 1900 scientist Svante Arrhenius of Sweden came up with the idea of Panspermia or life arose outside of the Earth and the living things were transported to Earth to seed the planet. To back up his theory he gained evidence from the examination of meteorites. An analysis concluded shows that there were complex molecules and small globules, which resemble the Earth that was thought as a result of microorganisms that were ancient.   This theory is still be proven till this day.
Heterotrophy is another theory on how the earth was formed. Heterotrophs are organisms that must obtain their energy from organic compounds. Heterothrophy theory states about 3.5 billion years ago the atmosphere of Earth consisted mostly of hydrogen, methane, ammonia and water.   The necessary elements for life were in place created by various forms of energy.   As molecules became more and more complex they began to organize and produce metabolic processes which eventually produced the first cells called heterotrophs. Heterotrophs is an organism that cannot fix carbon and uses organic carbon for growth.There was now anaerobic heterotrophic organisms (oxygen intake) and aerobic autotrophic organisms (oxygen output).  
The autotrophy theory states that the basics of life is through photosynthesis which keeps life...


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