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One Flew

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One flew over the cuckoo’s nest
The story takes place in the 1960s, the spirit of a nursing home in the United States. McMurphy was a prisoner in jail, but in order to escape from the prison, he was pretending to be mentally ill and successfully achieve the purpose of going to the nursing home.
McMurphy was a prisoner who pretended to be mentally ill and send to sanitarium. When him enters the sanitarium he wants to be the big boss and leading patient to disrupt order. He invited all patients to participate in gambling, and criticized the immutable music and television programs; lead everyone to express their own requirements, and positively to achieve the goals. When McMurphy noted that big nurses have the powers to discharge him. A long time he was cooperates with the nurses, but he would support and active stand out for his partner when come up against difficulties with nurses. Furthermore McMurphy took his patients out of fishing, they becoming more confident and able to show their skills, and willing to join into group talk. While big nurse found out she was unable to control them, she starts with the weakest, Billy. Billy scared his mother to death he committed suicide to end his life. Which makes big nurse to blame on McMurphy. McMuphy feel anger and sorrowful, he beat the big nurse and tried to chock her to death. However nurse gave instructions to resection lobotomy on McMurphy. After remove lobotomy he cannot take care of himself and no ups or downs emotions. All patient including Chiefs was unable to recognize the lifeless McMurphy. At last, Chiefs suffocate McMurphy and flee away from the cuckoo’s nest.
Chief lived in a nursing home, however he did not know why he was here, and how long he had been lived in here. The hospital staffs told him that he's mentally ill. Hence it is necessary for him to live in nursing home. He took unknown medication daily, nobody told him what kind of drugs he was swallow. All the people, including health care workers...


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