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One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest

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1.At first it seems very hard to define McMurphy`s person. In the beginning he is a gambling fool who is only thinking about himself, later in the book my opinion on McMurphy changes alot, he begins to think about the other patients and help them to gain more self confidence. Nurse Ratched is on the other hand a control freak, she is portrayed more as a machine than a human being, Nurse Ratched has all the control on the institution and she likes it, she wants to control all the patients and even all the staff. When McMurphy came on the ward totally sane and different from all the patients, he gained a lot of Nurse Ratched's power. To Nurse Ratched is control everything she used to have all of control before McMurphy came on the ward. Before all of the patients was scared with Nurse Ratched and McMurphy tells them that they were like rabbits, so scared. Nurse Ratched repressive the patients, for example Billy when she threaten him that she´s gonna tell his mom if he don´t behave. McMurphy is the protagonist but Nurse Ratced is the antagonist. Both Ratced and McMurphu is fighting for the guys bit in a total different way.
 McMurphy tries to find Nurse Ratched's weakness and he thinks that is her sexuality because she tries to hide her big breasts which is her womanly symbol and shows that she is human. In the end of the book, McMurphy rips her blouse off to show her weakness. Nurse Ratched and  McMurphy have different ideas how the society should be,  McMurphy is always trying to bring freedom to the other patients but Nurse Ratched finds power to talk that away from patients. She wants to keep the patients seperate. I think McMurphy takes more rational decisions, she breaks the patients down by any meaning she talks about their insecurities, he on the other hand builds them up and tells them how important they are. Even though some of the things McMurphy does seems crazy, but sometimes they are accurate.For example he tells Billy to have sex interlude with Candy,...


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