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Ceaseless Crusader Essay

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Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi had been a cruseless crusader against many social evils that plagued the Indians. The article Gandhi the ceaseless crusader brings to light his ceaseless struggle against the atrocities and injustices committed against women.

Crusader of women’s equality

It was Gandhi’s relentless efforts that that saw women becoming equal participants in all walks of life. He often adressed women’s groups to raise their issues. He was the first to address women’s issues with a different but unique attitude. It was because of Gandhi, that the first cabinet of independent India had two women ministers . He wanted women to get empowered through education.He insisted on her equality to steer her own destiny side b side with man.

His war against superstitious practices

Gandhi was not an advocate of blind adherence to tradition. He insisted that traditions that are inconsistent with morality must be banished from India. He was a ceaseless crusader against untouchability, child marriages, child widowhood, the isolation and subjugation of widows, the cruel domination of men over women and women’s own sub-servient mentality. He felt that all these horrible beliefs and superstitious practices that offended the human dignity should be swept out of existence. Thanks to his nble cause that today some of these practices had been done away with.

His battle against male chauvinism

A stickler of truth, his entire life stands testimony to this. His entire life had been “experiments with truth” Being a lover of truth, he tried ti verify the truth of any new thought before accepting it. His relationship with Kasturbai, helped him to realize the real status of women. He considered women as the nobler sex and women abuse as degrading, shockinf and brutal.

Ahimsa and satyagraha

Gandhi ‘s way of protest had always been a non violent approach. Gandhi related the issues of...


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