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1. Within the Globalized Caribbean, Colour and Race Are No Longer Significant Bases for Social Stratification. Discuss This Statement.

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1. Within the globalized Caribbean, colour and race are no longer significant bases for social stratification. Discuss this statement.

The Caribbean is termed as being globalized based on the view that many countries’ economies are more open and free to interact with other countries across the world whether by trade, politics, media etc, to facilitate a global economy. Globalization by itself therefore refers to the integration of societies and economies across the world. One could argue that because of the Caribbean, being so globalized, have influenced ways of being or to be socially stratified by race and colour. The General view of social stratification defines how groups in society are organized above the other by some bases; in essence, it is a form of inequality with reference to a sense of power and manipulation over scarce resources and how they are produced. In the Caribbean, stratification is very evident not only in race and colour, but in other ways such as; gender, class ethnicity, education, occupation, religion etc. We learn that in the past, race and colour were the main significant bases of stratification, where one could look at another’s skin colour and instantly classify them to which class they belong in the social strata whether you are white, coloured or black. People continue to raise their contentions of being stratified based on their colour but evidently it is not as dominant as it was in the slavery period. We also have to look at the fact that times have changed and the system in which stratification based on race and colour was used, has been restructured in various ways; however stratification of race and colour are still being experienced. I therefore agree that race and colour are no longer significant bases for social stratification in the globalized Caribbean; however, while it may not be significant in this era, it still takes place on a day to day basis and therefore must still be seen as a major form of social...


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