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Using Technology to Simplify Your Life

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Technology is often blamed for our lives being too complicated. It seems that the increased pace of life is hopelessly linked to the increase in technology. But is technology really to blame? Is it possible to simplify by using technology?
Most people who are serious about simplifying their lifestyle eschew technology. Thoreau wrote "I went out to the country so I could examine the simple things in life." There is certainly something to be said for retreating to a quiet and peaceful place. But does technology really have to control us or can we control technology? For instance, I'm not sure I would want to abandon my washing machine so I could wash clothes by hand!

Perhaps in careful measure we can use technology to simplify our lives. I have compiled a brief list of ways we may be able to use technology to simplify our lives.

Convert your paper filing cabinet to a digital filing cabinet. Scanning and saving records digitally saves space and makes it easier to retrieve documents. I converted to a paperless, digital system two years ago and have never regretted it. I burn an archive disc periodically for backup storage and periodically delete archived files from my hard drive to minimize security risks. Modern desktop search utilities may be freely downloaded to speed searching for archived files as well.

Direct deposit and online billpay combine to make financial life easier. Paychecks can be directly deposited (even into multiple accounts) eliminating weekly trips to the bank. Most banks also offer online billpay so you can set up your monthly bill payments once and not have to write checks and mail bills each month. Computerized money management programs further automate tasks like balancing checkbooks and tracking budget expenses.

Consider upgrading your Internet connection from dial-up to broadband if you use the Internet a lot. The extra few dollars a month can be money well invested if you consider how much time you can save waiting for pages to...


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