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Husted; S Summer Tradition

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Husted’s Summer Tradition
When it is sweltering in Oklahoma City, it is the time for the Husted family’s yearly traditional trip.   Our vacation is a long trip to Old Orchard Beach in Maine.   We rent apartments next to the beach for one week.   We have fun on the beach and do many activities.   Traveling to Maine during the summer of 2011 was my favorite vacation.
Every year for our trip, we go to the east side of Main in Old Orchard Beach.   My whole family goes, including my aunt, cousins, grandparents, and everyone else closely related.   My family usually will fly to New York, and then everyone loads up in a couple vans and drives for five hours to Maine.   This year was the best year because of how much fun I had and all of the good food we cooked.   For the one week we spend in Main we do many activities.
One of our biggest activities is an amusement park next to the Pier. The park is called Palace Playland.   In the park there is one major ride that if we don’t go on it, then we haven’t fulfilled our trip.   This ride is called Galaxy. The ride is a rollercoaster that has been there forever.   In the park this year, we met a couple of guys who thought, and swore, that my cousin was Tyra Bank’s daughter. We couldn’t remember his name so we called him Tom Bottle.
After Palace Playland we spend time on the pier eating food.   On the Pier we always eat pier fries which are basically just regular fries but better.   Sometimes during our trip we go to the Clam Bake.   In the Clam Bake, fishermen get freshly caught seafood. I ordered the mate’s, which is a platter with a variety of seafood on top of fried; and it is a plethora of food.  
On our trip together we went on the beach, went to Palace Playland, the Pier, walked across the rocks, and ate at the Clam Bake.   It was sad to leave everyone but I was ready for some sleep.   All of our traditions were fulfilled this year and it was definitely the best year.


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