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Politics and Corruption

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South Africa in the past had been known for strongly practising apartheid whereby the White South Africans minority were oppressing the Black South Africans majority.   Whites were seen to be superior than any other race and the Black South Africans were the most inferior being the last in the hierarchy list.   Black South Africans were even seen less human because when a White person was driving a Light Duty Vehicle, a Black person would b seated at the back of the vehicle while a favourite pet of the driver enjoys a front seat.   In contrary, the United Sates of America had in the past oppressing the African Americans who were bought to be slaves in the Sates.   The oppression of the African Americans who are in minority continued unabated until rescued by the introduction of the Affirmative Action Act of 1961.   This assignment will address few prominent issues resulted from the cultivation of an equal opportunity in both South Africa and the United States of America.


The introduction of apartheid in South Africa was a tool that was used to divide the racial groups in South Africa which put the Black South Africans at the bottom of the hierarchy.   Black South Africans were never given the same opportunity of schooling like it was done to the Whites.   Lack of education due to failing structures and poor education also compelled the Black South Africans to opt for second best offer in terms of employment and settle for less on their salaries.

Not dwelling too much in to history, apartheid gave birth to various political organisations fighting for freedom which became lately known as freedom struggle.   A number of political leaders and freedom fighters of all race were apprehended with some sentenced to life and hanged and the lucky ones served long jail sentences.

After 1994 South Africa attained its freedom which was also promised by former President Nelson Mandela...


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