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INSTALLATION RULES 4 WEEKS Electricians and millwrights wanting to complete the installation certificate (wire mans licence)

The installation rules course is run 3 times a year. The enrolment for the examinations is the learner’s responsibility and can be done at Shukela Training Centre. These enrolments normally take place in January, May and September depending on the dates set out by the Department of Education. Most learners do both papers at the same time, however you may request to do only paper one or paper two during the block. It is regulation that you complete both papers within 12 months of each other in order to receive the qualification. Failing to pass both papers within 12 months will require you to re- write both exams. However, should you receive 75% or more for any of the exams, you are exempt from writing that exam again. Learners are required to have the following prior to the course. 1. The latest addition of SANS 10142 part 1 (SABS 0142). 2. Occupational health and safety act (abridged version) Optional 1. SANS 1473-1 (Low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies) 2. SANS 1507-1 (Electric cables with extruded solid dielectric insulation for fixed installations) 3. SANS 10198-2 (The selection, handling and installation of electric power cables of rating not exceeding 33KV 4. SANS 10292 (Earthing of low voltage distribution systems) 5. SANS 10313 (The protection of structures against lightning) 6. SANS 60439-1 (Low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies)

To enrol at Shukela Training Centre for the course and/or the exam you can contact our Installation rules booking co-ordinator on 031 5087707. A Department of Education exam registration form is to be completed and the original document submitted together with a certified copy of your Identity document and


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