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Club IT 2

Club IT 2

Club IT has become the spot in the town to be at and will continue to grow with a few changes. Ruben and Lisa are looking forward and are excited to see their business grow as well are willing to make the changes to their business and information systems. After observing at the club at closing a few times, staying to watch the club close as well as observe the systems being shut down and interviewing the entire staff of Club IT, I have seen a areas of concern and need for improvement. With my observations to move Club It to their next journey, I would like to implement a Joint Application Design (JAD) method to advance its systems development. This will help Club IT to grow, create better systems that will meet the need of its clientele as well as the needs of the entire staff.   Ruben and Lisa want to be competitive in their business, so they will have advantage if they become an active participation in e-commerce. They will have to take the steps needed and invest in their business information systems.
One of the areas to be improved upon drastically would be the dial up and the computer hardware. The next area is to have a better system to track clientele’s orders and keep a handle on inventory to increase the cash flow for the club. The last area to address and that is not being taken advantage of is being a participant in e-commerce.  
            The first issue is Club IT currently uses a dial-up internet connection.   Phones are not able
to be used when internet is being used because it requires a phone line to connect. While they

are saving money due to not paying the higher cost for high speed; however
it isn’t as much as they believe. Installing additional phone lines does seem like an additional
cost, however the cost and convince of having high speed internet   and the use of phone lines is
better in the long run than paying for dial-up. Another disadvantage of using dial up is it
experiences a lot...


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