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The Breakfast Club and Drugs

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The Breakfast Club and Drugs

The Breakfast Club and Drugs
Drug and alcohol abuse in juveniles has traveled from one generation to the next. New drugs and variations of older ones are being manufactured everyday and shipped all over the world. Drug abuse can be influenced by music, friends, movies, and society. No matter what the influences are it’s he’s or her decision.   The motive of why teens use drugs varies from an abusive childhood to boredom, to experimenting and in some cases depression.   The list is never-ending.  
Even the consequences of an addiction are never ending.   Addiction is the beginning of the end.   An addict will do anything for a drug they crave, including, but not limited to dropping out of school, lying, stealing, or selling more drugs. The physical affect depends solely on the drug, or drugs being used, but even the ‘least harmful’ drug has a negative affect.
• The average age of alcohol usage is 12 years old. (Florida Youth Survey 2008)
• Forty-five percent of those who begin drinking alcohol before the age of 14 become alcohol dependent at some time in their lives, compared with 10% of those who wait at least until age 21. ( Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine)
• Every day 2,500 teens in the United States try prescription drugs to get high for the first time. ( Partnership for a Drug Free America)
• 60% of teens who have abused prescription painkillers did so before age15. (Source: Partnership for a Drug Free America)
• 45% of those who use prior to the age of 15 will later develop an addiction. (Misuse of Prescription Drugs. National Surveys on Drug Use and Health, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. 2006)
• There are as many new abusers age 12 to 17 of prescription drugs as there are of marijuana. ( Partnership for a Drug Free America)
• Marijuana is addictive. More teens are in treatment with a primary diagnosis of marijuana dependence than for all other illicit drugs combined....


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