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Aquatic: lakes, wetlands, streams and rivers, estuaries, intertidal zones, oceanic pelagic biome, coral reefs, marine benthic zone.
Terrestrial: Tropical forest, desert, savanna, chaparral, temperate grassland, coniferous forest, temperate broadleaf forest, tundra.
On the way, from San Francisco to Sydney, our airplane had started to shake but the pilot said it was normal, just some bumps on the way. But he was wrong. After 5 minutes, one of the wings of the airplane fell apart and within seconds, the back half of the plane detached itself and fell into the ocean. We passengers in the front had fallen into a tropical forest. After searching for items found in luggages, we came across; the airplanes flare gun, extra clothes, an axe, garlic, a can, a lighter, rope, rolls of yarn/string binoculars, and a compact mirror. Luckily, in the rain forest, it would not be as hard to find shade since there various layers of emergent trees and canopies providing easy access to shade. When night falls, coldness is a factor we worry about. We use the axe to cut wood and leaves to use as materials to build shelter. We tie everything together with the string. We put on the extra clothes and using the axe, we chop down some wood and use the lighter to create a fire. To prevent any insects that could potentially harm us, we rub ourselves with the garlic to repel the insects. In the early morning, we are awaken by the dripping of rain. We quickly use this chance to catch rainfall into our can and wait until it passes by, We start a fire again and boil the water for it to be safe to drink. To find food, we search nearby and find edible fruits and berries. We are also able to use those seeds to plant our own little garden. With our binoculars, we spot a bird flying to its nest. After the bird leaves, we use the rope to climb up to the branches of the tree to reach the birds nest of eggs. We get back to our base camp, boil and eat the eggs. We continue to do what we do until rescue...


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