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1-Human Werewolf Syndrome (Congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa)
Frequency: 40-50 documented cases around the world from its discovery. The natural incidence (without counting the cases in families) is considered in a case between 1 billion or one by 10 billion inhabitants.
Cause: Unknown. Some scientists state that it is caused by a mutation with autosomal dominant inheritance. The majority is caused by familiar inheritance and, very rarely, the mutation occurs spontaneously.
Description: People who suffer from it are completely covered in lanugo hair except in the palms of their feet and hands. The maximum hair lenght that has been documented is about 25 centimeters.
Lanugo is the thin and off-white hair that appears in newborn in their shoulders and arms and that normally disappears after the first month from the birth. In those who suffer from this syndrome lanugo persists and can grow forever or dissapear over the years.

2Diprosopus(double faced)
Diprospus (sometimes called Craniofacial duplication) is a rare disorder in which the face is duplicated on the head (as in the picture above). This is not to be confused with fetus in fetu (item 9) which is a joining of two separate fetuses; diprosopus is caused by a protein called (believe it or not) “sonic hedgehog homolog”. The odd name is due to a controversial tradition in molecular biology to use unusual names for genes. The protein determines the makeup of the face, and when there is too much of it, you get a second face in a mirror image. If you do not have enough of the protein, you can end up with underdeveloped facial features. Children with this defect are normally stillborn, but a young girl, Lali Singh, born in 2008 survived for 2 full months before dying of a heart attack.

3Lewandowsky-Lutz Dysplasia(tree man)
Lewandowsky-Lutz Dysplasia (also known as Epidermodysplasia verruciformis) is an extremely rare inheritable disorder in which warts form on the skin. It normally affects the hands...


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