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Sustainable Ethics

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Sustainable Ethics and the Environmental effects of Fashion

The tone of “caring for Earth” is more radical than it sounds, because there is a clear message in it, that what is needed is a change in the way we live - in the values and priorities of ordinary people, before it’s too late.
Most vital component of the social equity pillar is the socio economic fairness and justice. Difference between the richest and the poorest man of the society confirms the greatest threat that can be faced by the integrity of the life on the earth and specially the family life. This is because richer people use the resources more than their naturally defined share. The trend of sustainable fashion is capable of saving the natural resources at reasonable level for the coming generations. There is a big threat of the diminishing resources for the future generation to fulfil the requirements of the daily life. (Michael P Nelson, 2012)
Current and the coming generations are going to inherit a biologically impoverished world having limited resources and ever suffering pollution. Sustainability has created an urge in present day humans to think about the well-being of descents as a part of their moral concern. Modern humans have unfortunately a lower tendency to consider about the future generations and at the same time the power of technology and our markets have put their quality of life at risk.
‘Sustainable ethics and the environmental effects of fashion’ is a topic widely describing how the human race has forgotten the favours of nature that they have been bestowed with, and how they are depleting their resources for the mere agenda of fashion. (Sustainable Fashion, 2013)
Fashion being an extremely important part of our day to day lives, is becoming a hazard to the world our coming generations will have to survive in, as goes the saying that there’s more fruit in a rich man’s shampoo then on a poor man’s plate. Astonishing facts like this are easily available on any...


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