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My Freelancer Life

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Qing Zhang
English 100
May 20 2013
My Freelancer Life

Have you ever worked as a freelancer before? It was becoming both rich work experience and great fortune of life to me in last summer. The nature of this kind of job has a big difference to my other part-time working styles, just liked to being a waitress in a restaurant or a seller in a clothing store. It was my first time to be a freelancer for iPhone game designing, actually I was just use what I have learnt in a foundational animation program in Capilano University. Is was totally an exciting and meaningful thing to do when I finished the spring semester in the school.   I worked with my friend and his long term client, we made a team for the whole work development. We were settled as dream chasers to make the goal for the game project just started with our lovely conceptions and easy-going ideas. My friend, James, who has the abilities in       gaming and modeling design, and also engineering skills, ttamsesjust invited me to join his school-off “freelancer company” to create a cellphone game for making money and have fun in the summer time.
Once I have tried to create my personal art portfolios and resume for seeking a work in my animation working field in a long time but even no one just paid attention to me; therefore, I was so disappoint and upset due to doubting myself with skills. However, after then I found out James to have a chat about his experiences. As I think the result was, the opportunity really came to me later, he was highly recommended me to try the job I have never been tasted of and I was going to have the interest to do with that. He was the one who always to follow his heart to do whatever he likes and dose not much care how much money he would make. So at that time he and his team just needed one like me to draw and design for the game development. Days after thinking about his words, I decided to join with them and I was so glad to meet with his clients (or I used to call his...


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