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Dod Friend

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An essay inspired by psychological article about empathy.

Nowadays, in this selfish world, people find it hard to establish true and lifelong friendships. Some were disappointed by close friend and they came to the conclusion that they cannot trust people anymore. Others are at the stage of searching for their soulmate and they feel all alone in the presently. And still others are going through tough period of time and cannot find support in people surrounding them. Therefore, there is a question, who to confide in, when it seems that there is no one to confide in. To my mind the answer do not require much thinking, as everyone knows that the best man’s friend is a dog.
There is no doubt that dog can make its owner feel better with so simple gestures, such as licking his hand or giving him its paw. It is obvious that getting up early is much more pleasant when the dog is waking him up, putting his wet nose on his face. Returning to the home also, when there is a certainty that in one moment his dog will come running to him in a fit of unbridled joy. For some people it might sound ridiculously, but in my opinion, there is no better psychiatrist in the world than dog. What’s more, according to science, it has a beneficial health effect. People’s blood pressure is lowered when stroking a dog. It’s a documented fact.
Another point is empathy. The ability to be affected by and share the emotional state of another being is not a feature that is attributed only to people. In fact, that trait is the main dog’s trait. A dog is happy when his comrade is happy and is worried when he is sad. That animal is one of the few absolutely unselfish friends, the one that would never betray , who won’t ever leave.   It is the only creature that loves others more than himself.
On the whole it seems to me that the only friendship that will undoubtedly last...


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