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Evidence of a Worldwide Flood

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When we look at the structure of the earth or the things in it, we automatically think evolution. However countless ancient cultures from all parts the world believe the earth’s structure we now see was carved out by a worldwide flood. Many people today don’t believe that there was an ancient worldwide flood as told in the biblical account of Noah’s Ark, but there is so much more proof that this would have actually occurred. Scientific evidence and historical proof both show that this event did, in fact happen.   It alone can explain so many geological features on our today. (Ferrel 616)   Even many paleontologists believe all the evidence points to a worldwide flood as the cause the for the extinction of dinosaurs.
It is easy to see the world isn’t the same as it was in the beginning. Mountains are taller; cliffs have many layers of deposited sediment, differences in the ocean floor, and of course, don’t forget about Pangaea!   Understanding why these things happen can be confusing. In fact, it is impossible to properly study origins and earth science without understanding the effects of the flood. (Ferrel 615)
There is much evidence the high mountains were formed during a worldwide flood. Geologic evidence on all sides is clear that it was a catastrophe of such gigantic proportions that mountains were hurled upward and rocks were twisted, Ferrel states on page 617. Also it states that water was pulled out of the earth and the very atmosphere was dramatically affected. As a consequence volcanoes erupted and vast glaciers moved downward from poles which had been warm earlier. (Ferrel 617)
If you look at cliffs and their layers, they can answer many questions about a world wide flood. When looking at the layers, there is no evidence of erosions, or rapid erosions, between the layers. Also, it is most commonly believed that cliffs were formed by rivers or river deltas, but the size of the strata suggests that it was neither formed by rivers or river deltas....


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