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Summerising and Interpreting a Table

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Summarising and Interpreting a Table.
    The summary of a table of the average number of aggressive acts by children according to model and gender. In five experimental conditions, children were shown, a real life female model, a real life male model, a filmed female model, a filmed male model , showing aggressive acts and a controlled condition, being no model at all.
With imitative types of aggression boys performed more aggressive acts on average than girls and more so in the real life male condition. There was a considerable drop in both genders in the controlled condition.
With non-imitative types of aggression boys again performed more aggressive acts than girls and more so in the real life male condition.
Both genders on average performed more non-imitative aggressive acts and both showed an increase with these acts in the controlled condition.
The highest average were boys, performing 48.6 non-imitative aggressive acts. The lowest average were girls, performing 1.8 imitative aggressive acts in the controlled condition.
The findings are that children regardless of gender are all on average more likely to show non-imitative aggressive acts . It shows boys perform more aggressive acts on average than girls.
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Part(2) Short Report.
A handout for after-school club activity leaders of 5-6 year old children on how and why research by Badura,Ross and Ross on how social learning and aggression has contributed to our understanding of children's behaviour.
A short introduction of who Bandura was.
Help you understand a little of what the 'Bobo doll' experiment entailed.
To show you what experts found from the experiment.
To help you understand what criticisms an experiment like this could come up against.
An aim in helping you to understand how, when children are exposed to aggressive behaviour, what effects this has on their own behaviour.
Albert badura was a famous psychologist, born in 1925 in Canada. He...


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