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Simultaneous Interpreting

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The exercises below are designed to further skills in specific areas of interpretation technique, some may argue that in doing this we encourage inaccurate interpreting, however, I remind you that the goal here is not accuracy or fidelity but the activation that skill required to perform the exercise (that skill being one of the component parts of interpretation). Having mastered each of the component parts of interpretation we can later combine them as single package.
The exercises I suggest below do not cover all of what might be held to be the component elements of the skill of simultaneous interpreting. I propose exercises for the following skills..
1 Delivery
The delivery skills required in simultaneous interpreting and the exercises that might usefully be undertaken to improve them are in large measure the same as for consecutive interpreting and are outlined above in Exercises for Consecutive Interpreting V 1. Delivery. Others are noted below.
1.1 “Cheating”[1]. Repeatedly interpret the same speech until you arrive at a satisfactory version.
The artificial nature of the task is outweighed by the value of the exercise. The student reduces the intellectual burden by hearing the speech a second or third time, thus allowing them to concentrate on production.
1.2 Shadow a speech which has a large number of delivery problems (ie. frequent restarts, umming and erring, self-correction etc.). Eliminate the same shortcomings in the target text. As a next phase the same can be done when interpreting a similarly flawed source text from another language. (Kalina, 2000. p180)
2 General Knowledge
All of the measures outlined above under the heading " II Language Exposure" will serve to expand the students’ knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge
3 Split attention
Speaking and listening at the same time is not natural and can detract from other cognitive activities, it is therefore worthy of...


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