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Pay Attention to the Technical Progress of Hongxing Crushers

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VSI vertical shaft impact crusher common faults and solutions: a. organism swing too large, the reason may be badly worn impeller wearing parts, feed particle size is too large or sand making machine impeller obstruction Remedy for the replacement of damaged pieces of easy sand making, reduce feed particle size or remove the obstruction. b. product particle size is too large, may be due to the V-belt is too loose, Remedy V-belt tensioning. c. idling resistance is too large, probably due to the bearing seal cover plug material the Remedy is open on the sealing cap Clear. d. bearing fever, may be due to lack of oil or dust or bearing damage Remedy for refueling or to cleaning bearings or replace the bearings. e. metal collide sound, may be due to shedding liner or impeller wearing parts excluded retightening.From the current view, affordable housing construction and real estate regulation as well as the transportation infrastructure which are the most important livelihood issues will be listed as the key support again. In the short term, the government will give priority to infrastructure development. From this perspective, it can be inferred that the infrastructure investment will not weaken in the next five years.In terms of engineering machinery and mining machinery, cement, sand-stone industries will continue to be the biggest beneficiaries. Many large sand-stone production lines will be undertaken in succession after two sessions , the cement industry’s transformation into the sand and gravel industry is undertaking, the engineering machinery industry and mineral processing manufacturers will prepare for adjusting their strategies.In recent years, China”s crusher industry development, whether it is obvious in the domestic market and international market have formed a certain scale. But, our country”s crusher industry and have not been formed with international competitiveness of the brand, not to mention the international famous brand. At present, the impact...


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