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Darling Danielle


Darling Danielle
Danielle is an eighteen year old female, who is single, has a boyfriend of one year named Andy, and they have just found out that Danielle is pregnant. Danielle suffers from mild depression. Two years ago she was at a party with some teenaged friends. They were all sniffing bath salts and Danielle participated. A friend told her it was okay to sniff as much as she wanted. Danielle ended up in the hospital and then a substance abuse facility for about a month afterward. After that incident, Danielle transferred to a different school and no longer associated with that group of friends. She worked hard in her studies at the new school and graduated mid-term this year. Danielle was recently kicked out of her mother’s home and is now living with her best friend’s family.   Danielle came from a single parent home with an older sister and a twin brother. Her mother never married and had four different live-in boyfriends throughout Danielle’s life. There were times throughout the years that her mother would change their phone number and not speak to her mother, father, or sister. One year, her mother even moved them to Hawaii for a year where they lived with a family they did not know in exchange for the mother working on their farm. Danielle’s biological father lives in another state, has only seen her a few times in her life, and is not involved with her upbringing. One of her mother’s boyfriends, named Jerry, was there when Danielle and her twin brother were born, has stood in as their father figure, and has involved himself in their lives. However, he tends to favor the brother more. Danielle works at a local restaurant, waiting tables.   She has been employed there for about nine months. Danielle is very wise at saving her money, and does not spend it on things that are not needed. Since finding out she is pregnant, she has established herself with an OBGYN, and is reading the “What to Expect When You are Expecting”...


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