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My Life in Pictures

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My Life in Pictures

One of the hobbies that I would definitely like to take up someday is photography. In my humble opinion, it is one of the most beautiful leisure activities of all. The way I see it, it can transport people in time, according to the feelings and emotions the photographer puts in his or her work.

Firstly, photography is a beautiful form of art. It has the power of capturing particular events that one feels related to or fancies keeping as a memory in a scrapbook, for example. It doesn’t require a great deal of learning though several techniques are needed to make the picture look more natural, sophisticated or unreal, or however the photographer wants it. Likewise, it is amazing to see how the different colours and manipulations of the light combine, creating a particular atmosphere, depending on the place and the impression the photographer wants to give. The more people learn about photography, the more they are able to develop their own style.

Secondly, although it is a time-consuming hobby, photography has its attractions, such as sharing the works of art with others who appreciate them. Moreover, it gives the artist the ability to contemplate the different scenarios from various points of view, searching the beauty that everything holds.

Nevertheless, I shall highlight that taking up photography might be a bit expensive at the beginning. Afterwards, it will not continue that way unless people decide to print the pictures on their own. In that case, there is a wide variety of inks, their colours and quality being a crucial matter when it comes to decide which to buy. Furthermore, the quality of the pictures will also depend on the camera one has. Nowadays, there are digital cameras available that can make even starters look like pros.

All in all, I would like to say that, personally speaking, photography is an utterly enjoyable hobby, perhaps a little expensive, that reflects not only colourful images, but it also shows feelings...


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