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History of the High-Rise Buildings

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Rakhi Mira Patel
Period 7
Civics 8
History of the High-Rise Buildings
The high-rise building has inspired and molded our cities today.   The history of these buildings has affected the ones today.   High-rises hold great importance today.   Without these architectural structures, the world would not be the same as it is at this moment.   Every form of a high-rise from Ancient Rome to the 1880s New York has shaped therefore setting the example for the rest of the world.   These buildings are symbolic, and they are a form of power.   They are what make up a city.   What would a city be if it were city with no high-rises?   It wouldn’t be a city.   High-Rises are a sign of power for a city, and cities are a sign of power for a country.   Not only do cities rely on these, but also so do countries.   Out of them all, the objects of the necessity to have these buildings are people.   People use these buildings for many things.   The importance of this architectural art cannot be expressed enough.
According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of High-Rise, or Skyscraper, is a very tall building of many stories.   High-Rise buildings have many purposes.   It ranges from being used as a residential tower to being used as an office building. It could have a commercial use.   Also, it can be referred to as a MDU, a multi dwelling unit.   These buildings are normally found on more expensive land.   They are found in more populated urban areas most of the time together.   To be considered a high-rise one of the requirements is that the building has to have need for the use of an elevator.   The modern High-Rise is only possible because of this. According to the US National Fire Protection Association, the building must have about 7 stories to be considered a High-Rise.  
The High-Rise building can be classified many ways.   Some of these classifications are a tower block, apartment tower, office tower, residential tower, and skyscraper.   Most of the classifications follow their names....


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