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A Survey Research of Leadership Styles in Libon East Distrcit

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In 1939, a group of researchers led by psychologist Kurt Lewin set out to identify different styles of leadership. While further research has identified more specific types of leadership, this early study was very influential and established three major leadership styles: Authoritarian Leadership (Autocratic), Participative Leadership (Democratic) and Delegative Leadership (Laissez-Faire).
This survey research is in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Education 201 (Educational Leadership) for the Degree of Master of Arts in Education, Major in Administration and Supervision at University of Saint Anthony (USANT) Graduate School. It is entitled as:   A SURVEY RESEARCH OF LEADERSHIP STYLES OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRINCIPALS IN LIBON EAST DISTRICT, LIBON, ALBAY.
This is designed to provide you with feedback about your level of preference or comfort with leadership characteristics and skills. Shade the choice that you believe comes closest to your skill or task level. Be honest about your choices as there is no right or wrong answers - it is only for your own self-assessment.

NAME OF PRINCIPAL: ______________________________________________________________________________
DESIGNATION: _____________________________ SCHOOL: _____________________________________________
  1.  I have the final say over decisions made within my school.
 I let group members make their own decisions
 Most of the time
  2. I consider suggestions made by my teachers in the school.
 Most of the time
  3. I tell my teachers what to do, how to do it, and when I want it done.
 All of the time

  4. If a teacher makes a mistake, they are reprimanded or punished.
 Rarely. Mistakes are a sign that a new strategy is needed.
 Almost never. Group members can resolve problems on their own.

  5. I carefully watch my teachers to be sure they are performing tasks properly.
 Somewhat. I offer guidance if it is...


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