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Brittany Jowers
Professor Previte
Chapter 11: Health, Stress, and Coping
  1. What are some of the explanations for longer life expectancies among religious persons?
The impact of religion on health and life expectancy is better than those who don’t go to church. Weekly attendance at churches adds two to three life-years.
  2. Overall, do you feel the evidence indicating that religious involvement increases health and longevity are strong?
I don’t, just because you believe in religion doesn’t necessarily mean you live longer in life.
  3. What might some alternative explanations for the data be?
Just cause you believe in a god, doesn’t really mean he’ll make you live longer. I think living a healthy lifestyle is what makes you live longer.
Extra Credit Questions
  1. How long are you projected to live?
  2. Are you shocked, happy or surprised by the calculated number? EXPLAIN.
I am surprised that the age is 89, I always felt like I wouldn’t live past 70
  3. What factors were the most positive? The most negative?
The most positive were not drinking, always wearing a seatbelt, etc. Negative was my diet.
  4. What life style factors could you change to increase your estimated longevity?
My diet will definitely increase my estimated longevity.
  5. Return to the game and change some of the lifestyle factors for which you received the largest negative numbers. How much did these changes affect your predicted life span?
It changed my age to 91 changing my lifestyle factors.
  6. Are these lifestyle changes (#5 above) worth the effort involved to add years to your life?   Why/why not?
Yes they are worth the effort, because living a long healthy life is better. In the end it’ll be worth it.


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