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Phuoc Hua
Joel Wiskin
ESL-41 writing
June 4, 2012
                                                                Coffee Shop

    There are many options that people like to relax in their free time. Some of them want to go to their favorite places, but some want to stay at home and enjoy their quiet time. One of another ways to relax for most of people in my country, Vietnam is to go to the coffee shop with friends. Also when I live in the U.S I know that going to the coffee shop is American’s favorite time to relax. Even though coffee shops in the U.S and Vietnam both serve coffee, but   there are many differences between coffee shop in the U.S and Vietnam in their décor, business, and location.

    First of all, relaxing in Vietnamese coffee shops is like enjoy your free time in the country side. Usually there are a lot of big trees are built in the shop, so people can feel and enjoy fresh   air. Also in the middle of the shop always have fish pool with rock and water falling down, and people always sit around the center of the shop. Furthermore, there are lots of tables   and sits for the customers because in Vietnam people like to enjoy their time in coffee shop is very long. Therefore, owner have to make sure that there are enough sits for people come and go. On the other hand, it is totally different in the coffee shop in the U.S. When I walk in the Starbuck coffee or other coffee, there are just table and chair for the customers. There is a lineofcustomers who come to buy coffee then leave the shop instead of sit there and enjoy their time. It is because there are just a few tables in coffee shop in the U.S. so it is not enough for everyone who want to enjoy their time. These are the differences in décor that we can easy see in coffee shop in the U.S and Vietnam.
    Second, it is totally different in how people making business in coffee shop in the U.S and Vietnam. Most of the coffee shop in Vietnam is owned by one owner, so they have to spend...


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