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Many people see praise dancing as people in front of the church dancing. It's more than just people standing in front of a church, there's a connection between the dancer, music, and God.   Praise dancing is a personal expression of praise to God. Whether you are giving thanks or asking for a blessing it is a good way to express your emotions. Praise dancing is a very personal type of worship and a type of dance. All this makes me wonder is praise dancing an art of entertainment or is it just entertainment?
As an audience member it is easier to see what the dancer or dancers are trying to portray by their choice of music. Slow songs are usually very intimate testimonies from the singer that the dancer feels they can relate to. Fast songs are used to portray a feeling of happiness and joy. Song genre can also tell a story, there are many to choose from: gospel, contemporary gospel, holy hip-hop and many more.
To be able to praise dance you have to be willing to let God speak to you and give you the dance moves because you can't just stand in front of a congregation and do whatever you feel like doing. Some people may feel uncomfortable or feel like there is some type of disrespect. You have to involve the audience and engage them in what you're doing. If you can't express yourself through christian music the way you should, then you should pray.
Prayer is a constant need when trying to choreograph a dance. As a teen praise dancer and choreographer, I can say that sometimes it can be hard to find time to pray to God. If you are really committed to doing your dance then you will find time to pray. Praying is a way for you to talk to God, but I feel that praise dancing is how I can talk to him when I can't find the words to.
You also need to be able to loosen up. If you dance stiff, it's harder to have your dance moves come across effectively. You should also show be able emotions and show a connection when you dance. If you are doing a happy dance and you are...


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