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Mythology Story. (No One from Grinager's Class Use This)

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Once, there was a king. He was happily married, with an infant child. He ruled over a city by the name of Sirendas. The king of Sirendas was a very noble man. He dedicated his time to helping the poor and finding ways to make the city better. He was never about materialistic things. That made him greatly honored.
The king was born into his lifestyle, but he never really appreciated the way he lived. He felt it was unfair that someone should rule over everyone. After years of not enjoying the idea of royalty, he decided to live among his people, like an average citizen. Before he could do that, he had to go see the secret prophet.
Only a select few ever got a chance to meet the prophet, because she only told her son where she was, and she made him promise her to only tell where she was to the people he trusted. Unlike regular humans, the prophet, Aidileen, was granted by the gods an extended life time to read the fortunes of the needy and grant out wishes to the ones who needed it. When the king went to see Aidileen, he was turned down. She believed he didn’t deserve to receive a wish. Yet, the king had pleaded to her and promised to show her that he was truly in need of a favor from her. She finally, believed him, when he showed her his nobility and saw his true nature of the wish.
“Zachariah, king of Sirendas, I grant you the chance to live as a normal member of your kingdom.”
She placed a special pendant around his neck, and it changed him from his face to his clothing. Right in front of her eyes, he went from riches to rags.
“I must warn you though, Zachary. Be careful, first, it may change you if you are not careful. Second, you must never let this pendant get into the wrong hands, or it will destroy yours and their destiny.” He promised to be aware of himself and to keep the pendant safe. He thanked her and continued on his journey to experience a normal life.
Although he told his wife what he was going to do, she did not know how long he was going...


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