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“Most hateful to me are you of all gods on Olympus” (Zeus to Ares. Homer, lliad 5.890). Ares was the most hated son of Zeus’s by Zeus and most gods. When Ares was born he was not quite welcome with open arms.
Ares was the son of Zeus and Hera. He was the lover of Aphrodite. Ares has two children Deimos “Terror or Dread” and Phobos “Fear”. He is the god of war and in Rome Ares is known as Mars. The god of war was one of the original 12 Olympians. The most famous half siblings of Ares are Heracles, Athena, Perseus, and Hermes. Ares has a major desire and passion for war and conflict. Ares was the first to be tried for murder among the immortal Greek gods.
Ares was hated by pretty much all gods and most humans. He was hated by man because he would often start fights in the camps amongst the men and when they traveled he would not carry anything. Ares was hated by the gods because he killed Poseidons so Halirhothius and he also killed the former lover of Aphrodite out of jealousy. Another major reason he was hated by the gods was because of his many affairs with Aphrodite.
Ares often had human sacrifices offered to him in Sparta. In Rome Ares had a mass service just for him. Other places that worshiped him was Thrace his birth place. The serpent, vulture, owl, and woodpecker are known as his sacred animals. The god of war was loved by all of the war countries like Sparta and Troy.
The god of war was extremely powerful and murderous so the god both feared and hated him. Ares was feared for the thought of him being so powerful that he could over through the all mighty Zeus.


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