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How Reading Has Impacted My Knowledge

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The process of reading is a process for the interpretation of the meaning of the symbols printed or written. Also, Reading is the ability to detect a visual form (graphic symbols that represent the language and the writing or words), connecting it with the form of sound or meaning of the note and then based on past experience, understand and interpret its meaning. The process of reading is a complex treatment and cannot be observed.
Reading is something that should be in our lives as human beings as long as we live on this God's earth. Reading is the roots strength of an individual, but of a nation and a country. Without someone to read, that there would be no knowledge or experience on how someone is able to govern or to lead a country and family. Therefore, reading is something very important in life if i want to succeed

Hundreds of millions of Naira’s a year is allocated towards clothing, cosmetics and many other items for the purpose to change or improvement in our outward appearance. Unfortunately, very few nairas in comparison to Hundreds of millions of Naira’s stated above are allocated towards improving our inward condition, which includes knowledge.

Did you know that many people spend hours a day brushing, bathing, flossing and shaving the outside and then find every reason in the world not to spend a few minutes a day to improve the inside condition, including knowledge.
I have a mind that can generate many thoughts per minute, per hour, per day and those thoughts will determine the life we will have. In order to have a richer and fuller life, I always focus on developing habits that will change my thoughts. Newer, richer and more abundant thoughts constantly attract me to the necessary resources that I always need to lead the life i desire. Reading books is one sure fire way to not only change predominant thoughts, but help me also to acquire those newer thoughts along my journey in life.

By listening to an audio training, I was able to...


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