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Fote Coal Slime Dryer Can Be Used Five Fields

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According to the working principle, slime dryer belongs to rotary drying equipment and it is a mature drying machine produced by our company. This machine is suitable for drying slime, sludge, metal and non-metallic ore in coal mines and clay in cement industry. It has the features of high productivity and convenient operation.The slime dryer system is mainly composed of heat source system, feeding system, conveyance system, drying system, dust collection system, air introduction equipment and electric control system.In coal source industry,there are many materials need to be dried.Some wet material need to be dried before using. According to this situation,we LIPU engineers have designed industrial coal slime dryer for fast drying of the materials.When we are using a coal slime dryer,the throughput of the coal slime dryer may be the most important thing we care for.As the big throughput can decrease our input cost,benefit us more.   Coal slime is mainly refers to coking coal, coal cleaning plant coal flotation tail, can also refer to the mixture of coal and water. As by-products, coal slime is like the chicken-ribs, tasteless, abandon of pity. Anyway, the coal slime dryer produced by China Fote Machinery Co., Ltd. solved this problem effectively, change the coal slime into a treasure. After drying by China Fote Machinery Co., Ltd coal slime dryer, the coal slime can be widely used in many fields. First, because of the physical properties of coal slime, after drying, the coal slime can be directly used as raw material in cement industry to improve the function of cement . Second, used for building equipment. After drying, the coal slime can be used as the raw material to improve the hardness and compressive strength. Third, can be used as a fuel for power plants and foundry industry to reduce cost and achieve more benefit. Fourth: after drying, the coal slime can be used in chemical industry. Fifth: processed into molding coal, serve the society.sawdust dryer...


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