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Improve Feeding Way of Slime Drum Dryer

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The slime drum dryer is a drying machine. For a mining machine, how to improve the working effectively is the first thing. We ZoneDing Machine want to share somethings to the users of slime drum dryer. The   improve feeding way of slime drum dryer as following:
Slime drum dryer almost all adopt inclined chute feed. High furnace temperature and large load changes, elephant trunk bears the erosion and oxidation of heated flue gas, and deformation damage is very serious, and the replacement would be quite troublesome. Slip tube of more serious burned bending deformation usually leverages furnace roof or slime dryer firestop seals,which often leads to air leakage and material leakage,resulting in a significant reduction in thermal efficiency and service life of the slime dryer. Whether chute adopts the steel or cast iron pipe,it can not be a good solution to its short life. In order to extend the service life of slime dryer feed tube, oblique slip tube can be replaced by "straight pipe + slot board" , straight pipe is puzzled into the furnace wall in order to avoid the high temperature oxidation and hot flue gas erosion ; the lower segment is oblique bad board to transport materials falling from straight pipe, and then along the slope material slipped into the slime dryer. The chutes board adopts fire-resistant cast iron plate production, following is lift up by the ascended the firebrick.
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