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Brief Introduction to Lignite Coal Dryer for You

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Lignite, which can also be called brown coal, is the mineral coal with the lowest degree of coalification and the brownish black and lackluster grizzle between peat and bituminous coal. Coal ash is the pozzolanic addition formed by coal dust after burned with high temperature. Rotary lignite coal dryer adopts low-temperature four-level drying technology and is able to evaporate the water of lignite to below 13% on the condition of maintaining the lignite to be dried unchanged.With the rapid development of drying industry in the future, the competition between dryer enterprises will be converted to the competition among lignite dryer brands, and the products need to develop toward new technology, long service life, corrosion resistance and so on. As for the future development, dryer manufacturers must through constant innovation, strengthen the research on new products, continuously improves the technology level, and only in this way can meet the demand of customers, and the enterprises will more promising.Due to the different in raw materials, lignite dryer is different with other drying equipments. Lignite is divided into internal moisture and outer moisture, and this makes the production process of lignite dryer is more complex than other drying machines.From the surface, lignite coal dryer is similar to other dryers, but there are some different in the internal structure, such as the feed plate inside the drum. In installation of the feed plate, there are two kinds of installation methods: one is the cylinder inclines about 3 degrees, and in this way the materials can be forward and dried slowly inside the cylinder; and the other is auger-type installation. As to this method, the cylinder is fallen, and the materials will move forward with the rotation of lignite dryer.Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professinal industrial dryer manufacturer, providing different types of dryer machine: raw iron filings dryer,sludge dryer,desulfurization gypsum...


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