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The Energy-Efficient Fote Lignite Coal Dryer

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Lignite coal dryer produced by Fote Macinery adopts the unique design and advanced technology, which can save energy and protect the environment. Now we will introduce the features of lignite coal dryer for our customers at home and abroad.As for the future development, dryer manufacturers must through constant innovation, strengthen the research on new products, continuously improves the technology level, and only in this way can meet the demand of customers, and the enterprises will more promising.Due to the different in raw materials, lignite dryer is different with other drying equipments. Dust remover is a kind of most commonly used dust-removal device in lignite dryer and other drying equipment.Lignite coal dryer has strong anti-overload capacity, big handling capacity, low fuel consumption and low drying cost. Rotary lignite coal dryer adopts low-temperature four-level drying technology and is able to evaporate the water of lignite to below 13% on the condition of maintaining the lignite to be dried unchanged.When the section of brown coal dryer and the flow direction sudden changes, the contraction or expansion of the hot airflow will crash accompany with the particle. When the direction of heat flow changes, it is better to make gas produce certain velocity along the pipeline, otherwise it will cause waste. Lignite coal dryer is one of the most common drying equipment used in the drying industry, but also is prominent contributor in the environmental protection. Many users know it is through filter to finish environmental protection work, the filter effect has close relationship with its operation process.At the present, Fote Heavy Machinery has set up three state level machinery research institutes, and we also produce various kinds of animal dung dryer, rotary dryersand free service for assembling various kinds of production line. Lignite drying equipment of Fote Machinery as famous lignite coal dryer manufacturerhas mature technology, stable...


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