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How Is Cost and Energy Consumption of Rotary Dryer Reduced?

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Rotary dryer is one of the most commonly used dryer machines in mining industry.   It is suitable to dry metallic and nonmetallic minerals, clay in cement industry and coal slime in coal mine, etc.   Rotary dryer can be widely used to dry various materials, and it is simple and easy to operate.   In this article, some messages on how to reduce cost and energy consumption of rotary dryer are provided.

The recycling of drying medium: The heated oxygen went into the drying chamber and mixed with feeding materials.   The feeding materials dispersed in the drying chamber.   Moisture evaporated quickly and powder drying product was collected in a short time.   The steam with drying medium discharged from the drying chamber to filter and the powder particles was separated immediately.   Then the clean media was sent to the cooling machine and drying medium can be recycled.   By doing so, it is one of the effective ways to reduce the consumption of dryer.

The internal device of dryer: In recent years, the application of computer three-dimensional system in the mine design has promoted.   The analysis and adjustment of material test increased to ensure the ingredients balance of raw material before into the machine.   After grinding, the raw materials with all features have declined gradually after grinding.   As the rotating rate increased, the storage function is declining.   Thus it is helpful for reducing the consumption of dryer.

The rotating speed of dryer: Improving the speed of rotary drum dryer could increase the contact area between material and hot air to improve the efficiency.   Therefore, the research department and some factories have increased the rotating speed to 8-10r/min of dryer in recent years.   Thus the rotary dryer could use the recycling of drying medium, the internal device of dryer and the rotating speed of dryer to reduce the consumption of dryer.

It is our honor for telling you some ways to improve the efficiency of dryer.   We are glad we could...


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